The results of the seminar


„How to use your untapped potential of body mind and soul“

Hi Thomas,

It was indeed a life enhancing if not a life changing experience in many ways. So first of all a great big thanks for giving me the opportunity and for the invaluable challenges and discussions along the trek.

The most positive moment (was) without any doubt, the companionship formed during the trek! I am actually missing our discussions and the friendship that to me became so much closer through the experiences we shared. Our little group was very good, sufficiently different to drive interesting debates and still not too far apart to allow us to truly understand each other as well.

The environment is somehow very conducive, there is a different kind of energy present in the mountains in Mustang, which has made it easier to open up and use the opportunity for a genuine exchange. My key learning is the insight on how important it is to deliberately create opportunities to experience similar (radical) things; (…)it needs to be time dedicated to “explore…”

Practical learnings

a. Mind

Importance of giving enough space for the mind, working with it continuously and having powerful experiences to challenge the mind on a regular basis. (…)Thanks again Thomas for sharing that.

b. Soul

True awareness now about the trinity between Body, Mind and Soul. Under normal circumstances, one does not think too much about it but the experience helps a lot as it somehow, and don’t ask me how, made me very clearly aware of this holy triad!

c. Personal development.

Develop rituals and to celebrate things MUCH more than ever before. Our discussions have made it utterly clear to me, how important these things are.

d. Keep on working

on the holy Triad, trying to keep Body, Mind and Soul in harmony and to assign matters their “correct” values, in clear talk, let work dominate less. I believe never to have been particularly dogmatic, but our Trek, (…) has helped me
to be even less dogmatic, and I will be working further on the topic!

e. Short term actions:

Honestly, the value of the journey is more in long term re-orientation of my mind-set. The absolute success-factor in our joint experience was
in the group dynamics.

We were blessed to have such a small and truly versatile group, the various discussions, guided or not, were invaluable. Technically specifically it is easy to recommend, as we could not have had a better ground logistics and organization. I definitely intend to (come back) to Nepal at some point in time, and I absolutely wish to be able to take advantage of AD and Pasang’s  superior services. They were just FANTASTIC!

Dear Thomas,

Once again THANK YOU! I really truly enjoyed every single day of the journey and will certainly cherish many of the learnings for a long time to come and hopefully will be able to implement certain, lasting amendments into my own life as well.

Sincerely yours