Comments related to Personal Coaching

(To protect individual privacy all citations are anonymous. However the contents of references and contacts will be provided according to need)

“It was extremely important for me to take the time just to reflect on what is actually important for me, regarding my career and private life. Through the discussions and coaching, you have helped me enormously to find this path. For this I would like to say a big thank you once again. “

“Thanks to coaching sessions I learned to know myself better. In particular I was able to identify sources of energy and mental blockages. In overcoming the latter I achieved a better balance between my private and professional life. “

“Coaching is an investment in oneself. It is not only the most effective way but perhaps the only way of achieving both successful professional and personal objectives. “

“Over the past year you have really helped me a great deal, and now I am able to help myself. Thanks so much! “

“I learned to push back real barriers and overcome negative blockages. With the help of this new awareness I was capable of assuming real responsibility in the framework of my own development as well as that of my collaborators. As a result I was able to maximize the global potential of my team. "

“Personal development as the basis of effective management requires certain conditions; among them, the ability to go off the beaten track of thought and action in order to make further advances possible. It is necessary to experience a situation in order to understand it. This coaching offers me this possibility. “

“What was decisive for me was the contribution of clarity and better tools in the analysis of how I was functioning. Many coaching methods only aim to broaden the techniques of expertise or improvement of managerial behaviour. This coaching fills a huge gap, that of knowing how to act and to deal with oneself. It offers us valuable tools concerning personal satisfaction and performance in a professional and personal environment. I had a completely different experience here. “

“Many thanks for the development and support of my senior managment and high-potential staff. I am certain that there will be many more oppertunities in 2012. “

“By means of intensive exercises drawn from experience at the emotional level coaching sessions have led me to use my own force and energy in a marked manner. This, in turn, has contributed to my personal growth and has allowed me to change my behaviour in a very real way. “

“In my view coaching is particularly suitable to co-workers and executive staffs who wish to work on their personal development, initiate a new orientation or reinforce confidence in them.”

“Over the past two years I have been allowed to experience so many positive things, and I have used this time for my personal development. For this I thank you very much indeed. “

“I am looking forward to seeing you next year. Many thanks for your support. We rarely experience something so personal. “